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Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular these days. Though they cannot be advertised as smoking cessation devices, millions of people have discovered the clever widgets and have replaced their regular smoking sticks with the e-cigs. Tobacco cigs contain more than 4000 harmful chemicals, whereas with the electric ones you are inhaling just water vapor and nicotine. That looks like 4000 times less harmful, doesn't it?

There are several types of e-cigs available. Some are bigger some are smaller. But the main idea is the same - the liquid that contains nicotine is heated up in a chamber (cartridge) and vaporized. The vapor is then inhaled. A small battery generates the power to turn the e-juice into vapor. PS! There are also nicotine free liquids available.

Getting yourself the best product can actually be a quite difficult task. There are several well advertised low quality brands out there that just ruin the industry. But there are also lots of good brands. It is important to read reviews or discuss with some veteran vapers before purchasing your first electronic cigarette kit. Not all e-cigs are equal.